Friday, October 4, 2013

Embracing Leader in Me

Whew!  I know it's been a long while since I've posted.  Since the end of school last year I've moved into a new position.  It's been exciting but also a little overwhelming to say the least.  The amount of training I've had makes my head spin!  But the learning I've had and the amazing people I've of them being Reagan Tunstall over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits....has been fantastic!  

I'm still at my same school but I'm now the Collaborative Learning Leader.  I's a mouthful!  But it really means I'm responsible for professional development on my campus and some other duties too.  Our campus is knee deep in writing SLOs and learning about our new teacher evaluation system.  I was completely responsible for a 3 hour training on the Danielson Framework during Inservice week.  Talk about intimidating!  Not only have I learned about the Danielson Framework and writing SLOs but I've had the daunting task of presenting that to our campus as well.  We've been pioneering through the unknown but now that we are near the end of the beginning (Does that make sense?) the stinking thinking is fading away.  

Our campus has been sticking our toes in the Leader in Me program for the last year but we've decided to dive into the deep end this year!  I'm a member of our campus Lighthouse Team and we set some plans into motion this year.  We asked all our teachers to make all their hallway bulletin boards leader oriented and they did not disappoint!  We are planning to immerse our kids in the idea of becoming leaders.  Take a look at some of our fabulous boards!

I've got more great boards to share but I'm going to save some for a later post!  We've also asked our teachers to post Teacher Bios outside their doors.  We saw this on a visit last January to some other Lighthouse Schools in San Antonio.  I've actually loved having the bios posted because it's a great way to get to know the people you work with.  I well do you know everyone?  I can tell you lots of great things about the amazing people I work with but not so much about them personally.  As a parent myself, it helps knowing a little bit about the person we leave our child with.  It definitely helps make a connection.  We gave our teacher little direction and check out the fabulous products they came up with!

I know this has been sort of a long post but I'm so excited our the great things going on at our campus this year!  I'll share more of the things we're doing with Leader in Me very soon!  Until next time.....enjoy your weekend!