Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweet Summertime

So I realize it's been awhile since I last posted.  I got through the end of school craziness which involved a lot of change.  I am leaving my fabulous first grade team and becoming the campus Reading Interventionist.  I'm super excited but also a little sad about leaving my team.  I seriously work with the greatest team EVER!!  But I'm only a few doors away and will be working closely with them to help the little firsties get where they need to be.  So I had to pack up my classroom and move it all to another room on top of the regular end of year crazy.  But whew!!!  It's over.

As of now, I've been home for a few weeks enjoying my own kids and pinning like crazy.  I actually have managed to work in a few organizational projects even though my almost 2 year old has kept me on my toes.  He is quite the handful and I've joked with my "team" that I might be the only one ready to head back too work!  :)  Not really. 

Last week I got inspired by a favorite family game.  My husband and I are crazy about the game of Wahoo.  It's an OLD board game that I've been told is similar to Sorry.  Before kids we played it almost every night.  Now it's only taken out for some occasional fun but as our kids get older it will be fun to share with them.  I created a sight word game modeled after the game of Wahoo.  I played with my 6 year old daughter and we had a really fun time!  I think my firsties will love playing and learning along the way.  So far I've only made a version with Pre-primer words because let's face it, that's where my kids this next year will need to start.  I'm attaching this as a FREEBIE to payback the many teachers who've so generously shared their work with me.  I will be working other sight word lists soon.  Please consider following my blog and leaving me some love if you download the document.

Wahoo Pre-primer sight word game