Thursday, October 25, 2012

I've been Boo-ed!

I've been Boo-ed!!!


I've been Boo-ed by Heather @ The Busy Bee Hive!
Thanks Heather!!

                       So here are the rules:

Here are just a few of my favorite Halloween books!

I adore these two books by Margie Palatini!


Kids love them!!  I really love getting into the part by reading the witch's voice!
A few of my favorite Halloween activities are:
This file contains several options for students to read different words.
The next one is a Pumpkin Roll and Read.  There are two different options for differentiation.
I created a Halloween edition of Roll, Read and Color.  There are 6 different options with many phonics patterns for differentiation.
 Finally, a freebie!!  This is a version of the Pumpkin Roll and Read but the words are CVC words.
Now here are my nominations:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Reading Game Winners

Congratulations to Heather Byers, Rhonda Mathis, and Jennifer Cunningham!!  They are the winners of my Wahoo games and Halloween Roll, Read and Color games.  I will be emailing you shortly!  Thanks for participating.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wahoo Games Giveaway

Hey there!!  I'm trying out something new.  I really love playing games with my kiddos and love sharing!  I've decided to try out Rafflecopter and have a giveaway!  There are several ways to enter:  answer a question about Halloween, Post a comment on my blog, become a follower, and share my giveaway on your own blog.

I'm giving away a bundle of my Wahoo games (includes short a, mixed CVC, long vowels, bossy r, blends and digraphs).  I'm also including a set of Halloween Roll, Read and Color boards (includes CVC, blends, bossy r, and digraphs).

Click below to enter! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As always, thanks for visiting my blog!! 


Friday, October 12, 2012

Digraphs freebies

I am so excited that it's Friday!  I'll be spending the weekend with several of my besties at Women of Faith!  Looking forward to being inspired.  Most of my little ones are rocking beginning and ending blends.  We will be focusing on reading blend words fluently and mastering the digraphs sh and th.  I made a few more goodies to help make reading words fun!  I started by introducing my kiddos to the Secret Story of sh and th.  If you haven't checked out the Secret Stories you really should.  The secrets are engaging and they really help strugglers remember all the sounds they must master to be successful readers.

Then we read words on pumpkins and sorted them by the sh and th sound.  After the fact, I realized I should have also had them sort the sh/th sound by beginning of the word or ending.  This could have stepped up the lesson and required them to think a little more.  I've attached the words I used.

Pumpkin Digraph cards

Next, I've made a Connect Four game to practice reading words with sh and th.  Hope you enjoy!  If you download, please leave me comments.  I love reading them! Feel free to share my blog!  I LOVE to see when I get new followers.

Connect Four Digraph game

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I don't know about you but I am loving this fall weather!!  I'm so excited it's October and Halloween is right around the corner.  I'm not really into dressing up but I LOVE dressing up my own kids and taking them trick or treating!  And I love going to the pumpkin patch.  Next week our first graders will be working on reading words with digraphs sh and th.  So many of them still read /t/ /h/.  I was browsing on Pinterest and got an idea to create a pumpkin roll and read using words with sh and th.  There are two versions:  easy and hard.  The hard one has directions that are a little more complicated.  Check out the easy version!

If you'd like a copy of this game you can find it in my TPT store.  Just click on the link below.

Pumpkin Digraph Roll and Read game

Happy Trails!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blends, Blends, Blends

Hey there!  I'm having so much fun working with my kiddos as a Reading Interventionist!  It's like I'm playing all day!  We get to work together so closely and it's so great to see the light bulb go off when they suddenly get something.  On the other hand, it's easy for me to see when they don't get something and focus on it a little longer.  Our first grade classes have been working on beginning and ending blends for the last several weeks.  Today, my groups did an activity that I saw from Heather's Heart blog and it was fantastic!!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Heather's blog!!  She really has some great ideas!!  I made some picture/word cards with beginning blends and ending blends.  Some words had both.  First, I modeled for the students how to look at a word and identify the blend.  We used laminated word cards and dry erase markers.  The students colored the blend and had to tell me if it was a beginning blend, ending blend or if the word had both.  Then we took our word cards and sorted them in a venn diagram with hula hoops.  They really had to take a close look at the words. 

Again I'm sorry about the sideways picture.  ONE of these days I'm going to get that figured out!  Ha!

I'm uploading the picture/word cards if you'd like to do this activity in your class.

Blend pictures for venn sort

I LOVE making things and sharing!  If you download, please leave me a comment and share my blog with your friends!  I'd love some more followers.  I feel like I get so many freebies in cyberspace and I just want to share the things I create with others.