Friday, April 5, 2013

More games!!

My same teacher pal has been on a roll finding these really fun games!  Since I have two small ones at home I try not to go shopping very often.....even though I really love it!  My two year old usually embarrasses us so it's just easier to avoid taking him altogether.  She found this one at Tuesday Morning and I had to rush out to get and all.  It's called Cluck -n- Chuck.  Let me tell you it is sooo much fun!  The kids love it and even though I known it's coming I squeal every time the barn pops up. 

The way the kids play:  they have to choose a one breath box to read all the words.  I have already pushed down the barn and they must read the words as quickly as possible.  After reading the words they put one chicken on the roof.  Students take turns reading words and putting chickens on the roof but they don't want the barn to pop up on their turn.  If it does, they get a point (I keep track).  They want to have the least amount of points to win.  It is so hilarious!  I'm sharing some pictures and some videos.  You've got to check it out.


Finally, I have to end with a video of my own kids playing this game.  I didn't have them reading words but they had so much fun!!  I love the sound of kid's laughter.  Enjoy and have a blessed day!