Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doggy Dentist game

Omigosh yall!!  One of my co-workers found this fabulous game on Amazon.  There are several versions but the one I used was the dog.  I made my own version of the Teacher Tipster's one breath boxes.  I made some with sight words and some with cvc words so that my kids could get some extra practice at reading those words quickly.  Leave a comment if you'd like a copy of my words.

Back to the game......each child had to choose a one breath box and read the list of words as quickly as possible.  If they read the words correctly they could choose a tooth in the dog's mouth to push down.  If they happened to get the dog's "sore" tooth the dog's mouth would snap down!  (It doesn't hurt.)  If the dog snapped them they got no point but if they successfully pushed down a tooth they got one point.  It was hilarious!!  Check out the pictures.

My kids absolutely LOVE playing games!  They are so motivated to read if I turn it into a game.  Can't wait to share more of the fun games we've found!!