Friday, October 12, 2012

Digraphs freebies

I am so excited that it's Friday!  I'll be spending the weekend with several of my besties at Women of Faith!  Looking forward to being inspired.  Most of my little ones are rocking beginning and ending blends.  We will be focusing on reading blend words fluently and mastering the digraphs sh and th.  I made a few more goodies to help make reading words fun!  I started by introducing my kiddos to the Secret Story of sh and th.  If you haven't checked out the Secret Stories you really should.  The secrets are engaging and they really help strugglers remember all the sounds they must master to be successful readers.

Then we read words on pumpkins and sorted them by the sh and th sound.  After the fact, I realized I should have also had them sort the sh/th sound by beginning of the word or ending.  This could have stepped up the lesson and required them to think a little more.  I've attached the words I used.

Pumpkin Digraph cards

Next, I've made a Connect Four game to practice reading words with sh and th.  Hope you enjoy!  If you download, please leave me comments.  I love reading them! Feel free to share my blog!  I LOVE to see when I get new followers.

Connect Four Digraph game

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm not familiar with the secret story of sh and th. Can you tell me how I can get this information. Thank you, Suzanne

  2. Hi Suzanne! Check out the website at It's fantastic!